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Java Troubleshooting

Follow the steps below if you are having difficulty uploading files to your TotoExpress™ account.

Step 1

Confirm that all pop-up blockers have been disabled.
Uploads cannot initiate automatically if pop-up blockers are enabled. If the upload status window does not appear automatically, you can begin the upload by clicking on the "click here to start uploading" link that is displayed on Upload page (as shown in the screenshot below).

If your upload did not begin

Step 2

If the window (shown in the following screenshot) appears, it is likely that your computer does not have the JAVA Plugin installed. You can check to see if JAVA is properly installed on your computer by clicking here.

Insure that Java is installed.

Step 3

If it turns out that you do not have the JAVA Plugin installed on your computer you will need to install it. While ealier versions may work, Toto Media Inc. officially supports version 1.42 and higher. Remember to restart your web browser after installing the JAVA Plugin.

PC Users can download the JAVA Plugin on Sun Microsystem's Website.

Macintosh Users can download the latest JAVA Plugin directly from Apple's Website.

Step 4

If, after verifying that the JAVA Plugin is installed on your computer, you are still not able able to upload files (IE. You experience the same error message as displayed in Step 2), it may be because the web browser you are using is not correctly configured to use the JAVA Plugin. For information on how to enable the JAVA plugin for your specific web browser, see below: